Heritage Keepers Professional Certification Required Training

Option 1 or 2 must be successfully completed prior to implementing any Heritage Keepers program that is funded by a public or private grant &/or serving public institutions.

Option 1
Price Option 2
3 days training in Charleston, South Carolina $1200/person for each of up to 5 people per agency – any more than 5, from same agency, may attend at no additional training charge; 1 HK Ab Ed I Teacher Kit* (below) required per trainee 3 days training at your site w/ professional trainers; unlimited number of participants $7000, plus:

  • 1 HK Ab Ed I Teacher Kit* (see below) required per trainee,
  • trainers’ travel, hotel and meals at Federal rate (travel days must be compensated at same training rate)
  • a rental car


Heritage Keepers (HK) Abstinence & Life Skills Education (Ab Ed & LS) Materials

Heritage Keepers materials are owned and copyrighted by Heritage Community Services and may not be duplicated in any manner without the written permission of its officers.

Teacher Kits Price Student Manuals Price
Core Required Curriculum – HK Abstinence Education I              (available in English or Spanish) Teacher Kit* $350  +S&H Student Manual (min. order 30) $4.75/each +S&H

HK Abstinence Education II

(This is an add-on to the level I Teacher Kit above. If you do not have a complete level I Teacher kit, then that teacher kit must also be purchased.)

Teacher Kit $125  +S&H Student Manual (min. order 30) $6.75/each +S&H

HK Life Skills Education I – V

Teacher Kit $125/ea or $450 for all 5 +S&H Student Manual (min. order 30) $6.75/each +S&H

Each Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education I Teacher Kit includes a Training Manual; a Teacher Manual & a Student Manual; Sex, Lies & Hook Ups: A Parent’s Guide for Fighting Back; Sex, Lies & Hook Ups: A Teen’s Guide for Fighting Back; 3 STD presentation files (male only, female only, & both); Preview of a Birth human development video; 36 dice for class activity; 100 SAFE cards; 1 bottle phenolphthalein for class activity; 5 Parent Take Home worksheets; 30 Benefits of Marriage; 2  curriculum demonstration videos

Sex, Lies & Hook Ups: A Parent’s/Teen’s Guide for Fighting Back

*includes manual for parents, manual for students, & on-line access to 7 professionally produced videos for parents
Order directly from Amazon
Sex, Lies & Hook Ups: A Parent’s Guide for Fighting Back* See Amazon for price
Sex, Lies & Hook Ups: A Teen’s Guide for Fighting Back See Amazon for price

Heritage Keepers Evaluation Instrument and IRB Services

If evaluation of behavioral outcomes is to be conducted, the survey developed by Stan Weed, PhD, is recommended.

Description of Services Price
Evaluation Instrument Highly reliable & valid pre & post program surveys developed by Stan Weed, PhD (limited approved modifications allowed) measure proven predictors of abstinence/sexual initiation Contact Dr. Weed directly for pricing, weedstan@aol.com
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Services Federally sanctioned IRB under Tom Smith, PhD, provides review & approval of program & evaluation processes for agencies implementing federally funded programs & evaluations Contact Dr. Smith directly for pricing, tsmith@fsu.edu

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