Written by the only abstinence-until-marriage program (Heritage Keepers) recognized as effective by the US Government! Research shows that Heritage students initiated sexual activity at a rate that is 1/3 that of students who were not in the program. Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups provides teens with the skill-building tools they need to abstain from sex in a culture encouraging them to do the opposite. This book provides valuable scientifically-derived information that empowers teens to better understand themselves, avoid risk and reach their potential in life. Topics include: Why Wait to Have Sex, Reaching Out to Your Parents, Anatomy, Sexual Abstinence=Avoiding Risk, Your Values and Goals, Media and Cultural Influences, Protecting Your Maturing Brain and Body, The Skills to Abstain from Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage, Predictors of Sexual Activity, The Biology of Love, Refuting Typical Reasons Teens Give for Having Sex, Dating Standards, Other Risky Behaviors, Sexual Abuse, Making a Commitment

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