Heritage Community Services has required a high standard for its development, training, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes and procedures. These have been documented in its documents prepared for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and on-going review.

The foundational theory and methodology underlying the replicated success of the Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education program are essential to training and implementation. Scientifically derived mediators of initiation of teen sex have been identified through analysis in the article submitted to Mathematica for review and approval for inclusion in the US HHS list of 41 evidence based teen pregnancy prevention programs. All materials, goals and objectives are based upon scientific and proven theory and methodology as well as best practices recognized by the field. These are carefully laid out in the training process and are used with a highly reliable and valid survey that determines short term outcomes.

These short term outcomes are used to determine educator effectiveness and improvement strategies to ensure programs are implemented in a manner that is beneficial to participants. Heritage’s unique feedback system provides not just accountability, but on-going assurance that funding allocated to empower adolescents to avoid risks and reach their potential in life are delivered with fidelity. Materials, training, monitoring, consultation and evaluation processes have been used with effectiveness with agencies in states and territories across the United States. Heritage has invested 20+ years in developing a turn key system that has proven to deliver quality materials and services that empower agencies to immediately apply best practices to one of the most effective programs available for adolescents.