Heritage Community Services has created a book to empower and equip parents to teach abstinence to their children. Heritage believes that parents are the best people to talk to teens about sex, yet many parents feel ill-equipped to broach the topic with their adolescents. This book will help parents help their teen: Develop Personal Identity, Set Boundaries, Resist Peer Pressure, Embrace Abstinence and Prepare for Marriage and Future Family. This book is the go-to manual for parents to begin frank discussions with their children about sex and protective boundaries. Sex, Lies and Hook-Ups: A Parent’s Guide to Fighting Back.

The book also contains workbook questions for parents, a Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education student manual for the teen, and access to 7 professionally developed videos to help the parents further grasp the concepts presented in the book.

For more information, please contact  Heritage Community Services  or 843-654-7740 ext 120