Perhaps most meaningful to those who have dedicated their lives to empowering young people to avoid risky behavior are the qualifications attributed to Heritage’s program by students and site representatives served.

Testimonials from students in the program

“Before I took sex ed, I thought it doesn’t matter when you can have sex. When ya’ll came, it changed me around. Thank you for teaching the right time to have sex.” Male Heritage Keepers student

“My life has been changed by this class because now I know how to plan my life out. Keep sex within the boundaries of marriage, say no to sex, and stay abstinent. I also know what to look for in a guy and how to stay away from STD’s. I also speak for my parents when I say thanks a million.” Female Heritage Keepers student

“My life has changed a lot because of this class. Now I’m focused on my life and career, and I want to be something.” Male Heritage Keepers student

“I would like to thank ya’ll tremendously. Right before this class my boyfriend and I were talking about sex. I have always said I wasn’t going to do it until I was married, but I thought about changing it for him, but this class made me realize that what I think and believe matters. This class gave me the extra boost I needed! And even though I thought my boyfriend would leave me, he didn’t and he totally understands and respects me. I would just like to thank both of y’all! You have done a lot for me! Thanks!” SC Female Heritage Keepers student

“You guys showed me to reach for my goals and dreams, and don’t give up. You told me to be strong and work hard at what I do, or expect to do in my future. You helped me a lot. Thank you.” SC Male Heritage Keepers student

“You have helped me in a tremendous way. I have learned some things that I have always questioned in my mind but didn’t really know who to ask. You have done a very nice job. My opinion about the Heritage services is they should try to go national. Thank you.” SC Female Heritage Keepers student

“I used to let people convince me to do things that were not right. My lifestyle has changed about peer pressure to have sex. Now I know that I can do what I think is right.” SC Male Heritage Keepers student


Testimonials from Adults Observing the Student Programs

“As someone who has worked closely with Heritage, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact the agency has on the lives of our young people.” Director of an Upward Bound program, Lowcountry area of SC

“It is the process that Heritage applies to its program development, training, monitoring and evaluation that consistently produces significant positive results across all segments of student populations.” Case Manager Counselor, Pee Dee area of SC

“Pre-marital sex is putting our students at risk for untimely pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases The Heritage abstinence program successfully provides our students with another option rather than pre-marital sex.” Principal of a high school, Lowcountry area of SC

“Heritage equips our students with the knowledge and self-confidence to know that they can achieve the goal of remaining abstinent until marriage.” School Nurse at a middle school, Ace Basin area of SC

“The Heritage teachers are a positive presence in our school. Students respect them and learn from them many life skills that will help them live more successful and productive lives.” Parenting Coordinator at a middle school, Pee Dee area of SC

“Heritage has effectively brought a powerful abstinence message to our community for years now. We continue to see a great need for their services and believe Heritage is the agency that will make the greatest impact on this issue.” Camp Director, Pee Dee area of SC