Heritage has created 5 public services announcements (PSA) that air occasionally on TV stations around South Carolina. Each PSA is geared towards a different audience. If you are interested in using the PSAs in your area (not limited to SC), please contact us.

Basketball—This PSA was created to emphasize that sexual activity outside of marriage can have consequences that could change the plans that teens have set for their future. It also demonstrates that there are young men making the decision to be abstinent to protect their future.

Nightclub—This PSA was created to target young adults to emphasize the need for practicing abstinence.

Normal—This PSA was created to demonstrate that many teens are choosing abstinence rather than sexual activity—so abstinence is the “normal” behavior rather than sexual activity.

Family—This PSA was created to target parents of teens to emphasize the importance of strong communication between parents and teens about avoiding risky behaviors.

Classroom—This PSA was created to emphasize how abstinence education gives students the skills needed to resist the hook-up culture and refute negative peer pressure.